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Califolink Logistics (Pvt) Ltd

Califolink Logistics (CLL) was established in 1999 and have been providing logistic solutions to many esteemed exporters and importers in Sri Lanka. CLL started their operations providing logistics to the Garment industry giants and by bringing those efficiency levels across to customers in the automotive industry have been a trusted logistic provider to Automotive giants such as AMW and United Motors. Today CLL has a fleet of over fifty (50) vehicles which consists of LCL carriers (small trucks), Container Carriers (20 foot and 40 foot), Auto Carriers and boom trucks. We have a stock of 450 containers which have been modified and used by corporations for office spaces, accommodation and temporary storage solutions.

As a Gold Card Customs agent with the Sri Lanka Customs and as the first BOI-approved clearing firm for on-line documentations EDI with customs/BOI CLL has always been in the forefront to implement the latest technology for the benefit of its clients

CLL is a member of the Ceyline Group, the most diversified Marine Services Group in Sri Lanka. Ceyline, established in 1985 is a leader in the shipping, maritime education and healthcare sectors. The Group has twenty subsidiaries which cover every segment of the marine industry, making Ceyline a “one stop shop” for all marine requirements



We at CLL significantly reduce unnecessary resources aiming for a high level of performance and the ultimate goal would be the highest amount of output.


We strive to improve the value which our customers perceive with the same cost which will help to enhance both the company’s efficiency and customer benefits.



We at CLL always stay on the topic with our customers and always care enough to what our customers say, where there will be a clear and direct response. Our operational aspects are logically ordered where we follow the same pattern in our day to day activities.



We operate in such a way that it is easy for our customers to see what actions are being performed implying to openness, communication and accountability.



We believe our businesses have a duty to use our power for the greater good. As we make money off the respective communities, we are obliged to pay it back by somehow helping the people who make up those communities.


Accuracy in all documentation

Accurate documentation is a very powerful communication tool as it recalls events of any business, transaction or project and we at CLL are on par with the best in the business when it comes to accurate documentation.


Customer confidentiality

At CLL, we keep information about people who use our services private establishing trust between the business and the client.


Highest conduct of business ethics

We act in an ethical way distinguishing between “right” and “wrong” and then making the right choice always.


Industry Best practices

CLL always find and use the best ways of working to achieve our business goals. We apply best practice through learning and by experience of others. This methodology has helped us reach highest standards in business.


Speed/ Value for money

Our services are always value for money with the effectiveness and the efficiency of our services. We make sure that all our customers derive the maximum benefit possible from the services provided within the constrains of the resources available.

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